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"... they fully convinced for their extreme naturalness, ease of issuance and ability to approximate the sound to that of a live event ... "

"That of the Bequadro is a merit and, at the same time, the beginning of a new path ... "

"The voice, the very lucid instruments and full-bodied, the drum hits in all their materiality invest the listener, although driving the Vrel is not a muscular solid state, but a composed and refined 30 watt tube. "
"The piano is the best I've ever heard. The resonances of the strings, the percussive sense of the hammers is taken to the extreme."

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Address: Via delle Industrie, 11, 06034 Foligno PG

Phone: +39 3355346264

e-mail: vrel@vrel.it

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VREL electroacoustic at Roma Hi-Fidelity 2023

VREL Electroacoustic will be present at Rome hi-fidelity with three rooms in which bequadro speakers in different configurations will be exhibited

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